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Birth of LTBL

Birth of LTBL
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Hello to all the beautiful souls,

I am beyond words excited, thrilled, nervous and emotional as I write my first blog for the website. 'Let Them Be Little' has been my dream for two years, since I had my perfect little darling. She, being my rainbow baby brought not only happiness but so many hopes and dreams. After 2 years of hopes and doubts, ups and downs I finally launched my first dream project on June 23,2019.

When she was born I wanted to make everything for her, from her nursery, to her tutus. All of it! and so I did. With all the appreciation from friends and family, I started making them for my friends' children's as well and sometimes mommy and me tutus.

One day I made a long due decision to quit my job, stay at home with my daughter and persistently pursue this passion of mine. I did not like my job for two reasons, one- I had to drop my lamenting toddler to day care everyday and second- it was not my passion.

I came across a zillion challenges to get till here; money, resources etc. but I reminded myself all day, every day that there is no room for failure. Either it is success or learning! It sure is a tough one to build a business single-handed but I am enjoying the journey and trying to get better at it everyday.

With all the love, beauty and positivity, I know I will not just survive but thrive!

"Let Them Be Little, cause they're only that way for a while."




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